Moving Elsie from Martins Point to East River Shipyard

The refurbishment of Elsie, the newly acquired schooner of the NSHSRS, can now begin!

On July 21st, 2021 the Nova Scotia Heritage Schooner Rescue Society took possession of Elsie, our first rescued schooner. We moved her by road from her location in Martins Point, Nova Scotia to East River Shipyard, a distance of 26 km. Jim Carwardine and Craig Flood (NSHSRS members) strengthened the cradle and Veinotte Enterprises of Mahone Bay lifted Elsie by crane onto a flatbed ready for the trip. Iris Rock (owner of Elsie prior to the society’s purchase of the schooner), Chris Pelham (NSHSRS member), friends and neighbours were there to watch Elsie being lifted and readied for the move. Colleen Jones, with the CBC, was also on hand to document the move for a segment on the evening news (below).

Elsie was on the hard in Martins Point for several years before the society purchased her.

Elsie with fixes made to here cradle, ready for the move

After carefully preparing her for the move she was hoisted from her home of several years to a flatbed truck, ready for the trip to East River Shipyard.

After she was safely secured to the flatbed the masts were stored beneath her for the 23 kilometer road trip.

Upon arrival at East River Shipyard she was unloaded, ready to be moved to a temporary home until another shelter is built, where refurbishment by member volunteers of the NSHSRS can begin. All work on Elsie will be accomplished by volunteers, and materials will be purchased with funds from donations and fundraising events. Please consider making a donation to help.

Chris Pelham (left) and Jim Carwardine, the founding members of NSHSRS, were on-hand to help during the move and they were both very happy to see Elsie finally arrive at East River Shipyard.

Elsie is now out of the elements where a full assessment of her condition can be made. The next chapter of Elsie’s story is just beginning. Why not join us in the journey to get Elsie sailing again, or get regular updates by signing up for our newsletter.

Thanks to Stephanie More for providing the top 5 images.

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