Society Founders

The Schooner Rescue Project is made up of wooden boat enthusiasts from Nova Scotia. We have a shared passion for schooners, sailing, education, and keeping history alive by passing on heritage skills to future generations.

Jim Carwardine

I worked on my first schooner in 1972 – the 1926 Roue-designed Blue Dolphin.  I’ve sailed many schooners in the Nova Scotia Schooner Association and have been a member since 1995.  I own the schooner Glen Dora, designed and built by Wesley H. Stevens on Tancook Island in 1931. We are at a point where our schooners and our heritage are being lost. We need to save our remaining schooners!

Chris Pelham

I was six years old when my Dad, Mort Pelham, bought the Ruby B and renamed her the Wawaloon. I sailed with him until 1968 including the first international races in 1961 at the founding of the Nova Scotia Schooner Association in Hubbards. Seems I scrapped and painted her bottom for most of the 15 years she belonged to our family. 

I sailed for many years with Gerry Hayman and through the generosity of Harley Schofield still enjoy her magic.  I believe the primary mandate of the Schooner Association is the preservation of these traditional coastal vessels and this project contributes to that purpose.