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If you are interested in supporting the objectives of the society why not become part of the Schooner Rescue Crew! You can also give membership as a gift to a loved one.

As a member you’ll have the benefits of:

  • Contributing to the legacy of some wonderful vessels
  • Learing more about their history and how they were built
  • Having an opportunity to help refurbish them
  • Learning new skills, particularly those related to wooden boat building, rigging and sailing
  • Sailing the society’s schooners
  • Joining a community where you can meet new people and particpate in the society meetings and events

As a member you can participate as much or as little as you like.


Are you interested in joining but would prefer to help in other ways?

If you have an interest in the Maritimes and maritime history, sailing, wooden boats, or are just looking to help, we have many opportunities for you to participate including helping with the website, social media, videography, events planning, project management, fundraising and more. Join now, or contact us if you have questions.

Membership is just $25 per year.


Membership is $25 Per Year

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