We are excited to have acquired our first schooner of the fleet, Elsie, a 36 foot (11meter) traditional wooden schooner built in 1967 by Raymond Steven on the Western Shore of Nova Scotia.

Elsie was a competitor for many years in the annual Nova Scotia Schooner Association annual regatta, but she has been on dry land for several years now and is subject to deterioration. The photos below show Elsie in her glory years on the water, and where she sat for several years before NSHSRS moved her to her current location at East River Shipyard Ltd.

It is our intention to refurbish her for sailing once again. This will enable more people to be on the water in a traditional sailing vessel.

The image above shows Elsie in her new home at East River Shipyard Ltd. We need to raise funds to store Elsie properly and get started on her refurbishment.

Thank you to Brian at NSLive.tv for producing the video above. Visit nslive.tv

Please consider helping to get this project started and save Elsie by making a donation here!  Also we’d love to hear from you if you want to get involved.